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PaintAlbum is a very simple coloring application for kids
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PaintAlbum is a very simple coloring application for kids which includes a series of empty drawings to be colored. The drawings include animals, funny characters, and lots of Disney characters such as Mickey mouse and his friends, Cars, 101 dalmatians, Goofy, and the Smurfs, etc. All the drawings are very cute and they include many objects to paint. There are also many colors to choose from. You can customize the red, green, and blue percentage of each color as well as tolerance, but these options are useless for kids.

Sadly, the program only includes a bucket tool to paint and the borders of the different elements of the drawings are not very well-defined and, for instance, you end up painting the background and a part of the drawing of the same color. A good thing is that the drawings can be printed with colors or empty, so in any case the kids can paint them manually with real colors. You can also load your own images.

In short, PaintAlbum may work for you if you are looking for nice drawings to print so your kids can color them manually, but as a coloring application it leaves a lot to be desired.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice drawings to print
  • You can load your own drawings


  • The borders of the elements of the drawings are not well-defined
  • Includes useless tools for kids
  • The colors are not very attractive
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